Classes in Ryukyu Kenpo Kobujutsu

Ryukyu Kenpo Kobujutsu, is a system for adults and mature teens. It is not designed to be a military art; rather, a life protection system for the individual that is taught by certified licensed instructors. (Hóngxiāng (Red Village) Qūanfa IS designed for military application and more.) Ryukyu Kenpo Kobujutsu is a vast and complicated subject involving striking with both arms and legs, parries, entrapments, immobilization's, balance interrupts, joint locks and dislocations, anatomical physiological point structures, analytical research, Kata, weapons (of many kinds), two man drills, contact sparring, character development, mental development techniques, and a deep and abiding respect for man and our world. It teaches how to avoid violent confrontations; and, to utilize counter techniques, only, as a last resort in your defensive layering. It takes only one year to develop offense (kicking and punching); yet, over 10 years is required to properly develop a total defense. An offensive fighter may win out in the short run; but after two years, or so, the tables start to turn. At this point, the defensive fighter only improves; while the offensive fighter has reached the limits of his ability. Even something as simple as punching someone entails such minutiae as: distancing, timing, angle of attack, twist, load bearing surfaces, point physiology, and energy release (Ki) and transference. It takes years of analytical research (Kenkyu) to be able to understand, and perform Kumite Jutsu techniques correctly. A student must learn the techniques of other styles and how to defeat them, counter techniques to Aikido, Jujitsu, and all other grappling arts. Since all these techniques are contained in the Kata, (not, just the superficial appearance of blocking and striking, such as children can understand) the research of Kata elevates Ryukyu Kenpo Kobujutsu to a scientific art.

Weapons develop co-ordination (hand-eye especially), flexibility, strength, visual acuity, precision of movement, distancing, timing, force, and territory.

It is a fact; that, without learning a (non-missile) weapon art, you cannot be truly proficient in unarmed defense. It is clearly understood that when two men of equal abilities meet in combat, a weapon in the hands of one assures victory every time. To aid in development of timing and power, contact sparring is utilized. This necessitates proper sparring equipment, full face head gear, exceedingly strong body armor, hand and foot protection, shin, forearm, knee and elbow guards to reduce the risk inherent in striking with full power into one's partner. To spar with full power, without safeguards for the health of the people involved, is inappropriate behavior not befitting a gentleman. Proper development of the mind creates a gentleman and scholar the world can be proud of. He understands his responsibility to himself, his family, and community. He succeeds in his endeavors be they in school, business, personal relations, or life. His health and longevity are greatly increased. This is what Ryukyu Kenpo Kobujutsu is all about.

Group Classes

Training sessions in group classes include; full contact sparring, hundreds of self defense techniques, traditional kata, weapons drills, and rigorus exercise periods. In these classes our students learn to work together in a friendly and safe way, whether it be with weapons or without, through sparring or kata, to understand how each technique and method manipulates the body in order to develop a broad understanding of how, why and when to use which technique to be most effective.

Private Classes

For those that desire to advance quickly, private classes are strongly recommended. The greatest advantage of private classes is that the material being taught will be tailored to you! So, if you are more interested in a certain aspect of self defense or wish to learn something special, we will organize training material especially for you. However, in order to take full advantage of private lessons it is imperative that the you practice between classes as much as possible and review the subject matter taught to maximize your learning potential.


1) All students are expected to have purchased their school uniform and paid their Membership Fees within 30 days of signing up for regular lessons.
2) Uniforms must be clean and free from odor. T-shirts and belts must be worn with the uniforms at all classes and school functions.
3) Students must be clean with washed hair, trimmed fingernails, and odor free. This should be a given and no further comment is needed.
4) For the purpose of safety, students are expected to wear authorized footwear, only for use in the Dojo, clean and in good repair, with socks.
5) No sandals, leather shoes, or boots will be allowed. No bare or sock covered feet, either. Cups and supporters are mandatory wear for all classes; group and private.
6) The Pledge of Honor is to be memorized; and the student is required to be able to recite it on demand.
7) Do not show or demonstrate anything to anyone who "wish to see something" unless specifically requested to do so by an Instructor.