A list of programs at the Academy of Ryukyu Kenpo is listed below. Learn as long as you wish; stop whenever you want, with no 'penalties'. Resume your lessons whenever you desire! All of our Belt Tests are free and include: your Certificate, your new belt, and no other charges.

Ryukyu Kenpo Karate Kobudo Rengokai Association ‡
Starter Program §
Four, ½ hour Private Lessons. Plus one Regular Lesson.
Young Warrior's Program *
Two One hour Lessons each week for 12 months.
Father/Son Program
One One and ½ hour Lesson each week for 12 months.
Basic Program
Two Days of Regular Lessons each week for Three Months. + School T-shirt.
Standard Program
Seven Months. Free T-shirt, Pants and Belt, and two ½ hour Private lessons.
Ultimate Program
Twelve Months. Unlimited Lessons. Basic Uniform and three ½ hour Private Lessons.
Private Lesson Programs

‡ This Membership is Mandatory, it is a one-time payment, and good until you are ready to test for your Shodan (Black Belt).
§ This is our entry program. It prepares you for for the Regular Lessons.
* Young Warriors are those between 4th and 8th grades. (Exceptions are made on an individual basis)